The Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association

The association was founded in 1995 .

Our aims were and are to promote better communication between professional groomer’s, to encourage our members to improve their skills and to establish better public relations.

In the few years we have been established we certainly have achieved one goal, now we have groomers talking to each other It can be a lonely profession and to just know there is some one at the end of the phone who knows your frustrations, may have tips on dealing with that problem or can cover your clients if you need to take time off is indeed a comfort.

Very few have walked away from a seminar we have held with out learning some little tip or a different way to approach something. In our profession styles and methods are always changing subtly and our seminars help to keep the members up to date with the trends.

PicComitteeBeing an All-Ireland organization there is a good chance that if your dog requires a groomer and are unable to make it to your usual salon, or are new to the scene, we can supply you with the telephone number of a member near you.

We have so far been unable to establish a recognized Grooming Qualification in Ireland, up to 2003, any-one interested in achieving a qualification in grooming needed travel to training centre’s in England.

2003 changed all that. With a lot of hard work and effort put in by both committee members and candidates we managed to hold the first City and Guilds 7750 Dog Grooming exam here. This was very successful with the candidates and their dogs receiving an acknowledgement by the examiners for achieving the highest pass rate in a group. Not everyone passed all their dogs first go, it is a very tough exam but no one was too disappointed. We now have several members who hold the City & Guild 7750 qualification and one who has gone further and now holds the Advanced Grooming Diploma, a more detailed and technical set of exams. A number of Irish groomers are currently working towards this qualification also.

For those not driven towards exams, yet, we try to hold seminars about four times a year. These are filled with grooming demonstrations, where we invite top British groomers over to demonstrate for us or use our own excellent home grown talent, a variety of breeds and cross breeds are used some in traditional trims, sometimes a little more creative styling is designed. We also include informative talks and information on any new equipment or products or services that may have become available on the Irish market and usually have some trade stands. Delegates are often encouraged to attend our “coaching” sessions with their own {or client’s} dogs to gain valuable hands-on experience from visiting groomers.

In October we culminate our year by holding the Irish Dog Grooming Championships this is a grooming competition where the competitors are allotted a time-span in which to complete their dogs.

We have three basic disciplines in dog grooming, scissoring, clipping and hand stripping, to be eligible for the title of Irish Groomer Of The Year a competitor must compete in two of the three disciplines.

You don’t have to have two dogs to compete, a single / individual class is also available.

There is also a separate class for newcomers to competition, this class only requires one dog to be completed in whichever discipline preferred.

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